Occasionally I get the questions along the lines of “Can you prove that you’re real?” and “How do I know you’re not a scammer?”.

I do not (and never will) offer one-on-one / personal verification. I will not say your name, hold up a sign / 3 fingers / a spoon, or dance the tango for you to prove I am "real".

Why not? Because I am already verified with my government-issued ID on the reputable adult platforms mentioned below. These platforms are legally required to verify the age and identity of their models, which means that in order to have my content listed on their site, I have showed them my ID, address, bank details, and tax info.

I am ID-verified on:

In addition to requiring ID verification for models, these platforms also offer you, the buyer, extra protection. They all have support teams which you can contact to help resolve a dispute. For example, if you purchase content and a model doesn’t deliver it, you will be able to contact support and get a refund. Using reputable platforms is simply the safest way to purchase adult content.

But what about social media, you ask? Instagram/Twitter/Reddit/Snapchat accounts don’t require verification? Correct. Therefore, I have made a list of my official social media accounts right here on my website. If you are talking to “me” on any other social media account than the ones listed on that page, you are being catfished. I am not on Facebook or dating sites/apps.