How old are you?

I’m in my early twenties.

Where are you from? Where is your accent from?

I’ve lived in several different countries and have always found myself in very diverse company, so my accent is all over the place :) I don’t share where I grew up for privacy reasons. I currently live in France.

Do you do meetups? How about a sugar baby relationship?

No. There are many wonderful ladies who provide this type of service. I’m not one of them. If you try to push this boundary by repeatedly asking or trying to change my mind, you will find yourself blocked.

Why do you only have one nipple piercing?

Because I like the look of it.

How tall are you? What size are your boobs/feet/whatever?

173 cm, or about 5’8”. Dress size UK 12 / EU 40, shoe size UK 7 / EU 41, bra size 34F.

What camera do you use?

I use a Panasonic Lumix GH5 with the LEICA 12-60mm lens on a tripod for most of my HD videos. For videos shot in small spaces or on the go, I use a GoPro Hero 7 Silver or an iPhone 8+. The iPhone 8+ is also what I use for my Premium Snapchat shows.

I’m a performer / industry professional. Do you want to work together?

Maybe! I am open to collaborations & content trades with:

  • Independent female-identifying and non-binary adult performers (no cis males)

  • Professional photographers & videographers

If you’re interested in working together, feel free to get in touch! Please include links to your work & online/social media presence in your email.

I’m new to the industry. Can you teach me how to be successful?

There is no “secret recipe” for success in this industry. However, I offer general advice & info on the “for models” section of my website, as well as personalised consultations for new models.

How did you get into this job? Why do you do it?

I started posting nudes on Reddit for fun whilst I was in uni, because I’m an exhibitionist and love showing off! It turns me on knowing that there are so many people who watch & enjoy my content. One thing led to another, and now making porn is my full-time job :)

I do this job because I really enjoy it, it gives me a lot of freedom, and it lets me pay my bills on time. Win win win!

Does your boyfriend/husband/whatever know about your job? Does he let you do this? What if you get a boyfriend who wants you to quit doing porn?

Oh, boy. So much to unpack with this one. Not only does it assume that I have a male romantic partner in my life, it also assumes that they somehow have “ownership” over me and decide what I can or cannot do with my body and life. Newsflash: women are human beings with agency, capable of making their own decisions. We do not need “permission” from a romantic partner (or have one, in the first place) to decide what career path we want to pursue.

Personally, I would have zero interest in being with someone who takes issue with my work or whom I’d feel the need to hide it from. We wouldn’t be a good match, anyway. I am open about my work when meeting potential romantic partners (regardless of their gender), so if it makes them uncomfortable, we won’t be dating in the first place and we can both go their separate ways.